Women, Wealth and Giving: The Virtuous Legacy of the Boom Generation

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This useful planning guide also. With over 43 million Boom-Generation Women at or nearing the age of retirement, the American population is reaching what has been described as the great wealth transfer, and with women outliving men, or choosing to live alone, the role of women in decisions concerning philanthropic dollars will be critical to the economic, political and moral fabric of our society.

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Niki Nicastro Mccuistion, CSP, is a development strategist, consultant, and executive advisor with a successful twenty-five year track record in both business and as a nonprofit executive. Advertise Member Login.

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Tuesday - September 24, Search for:. McCuistion www. Authors Damen and McCuistion wrote this book for two audiences: Baby boomer women who want to create a formalized and strategic giving plan, and fundraisers and development officers who need to better understand the giving culture of women boomers.

  1. Women, Wealth and Giving: The Virtuous Legacy of the Boom Generation by Margaret May Damen.
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Last year they helped her find a new second-hand car, and paid for the bulk of it. It's as simple as that — there's no-one else she can really turn to," Georgie said.

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Dave's mum separated from her husband about 20 years ago, but moved back in with her own mother until recently. Georgie finds the situation frustrating, particularly because she feels they're missing out on holidays and fun activities, while her mother-in-law is often spending on luxuries, not necessities. It's really frustrating at times when we're going without certain luxuries and seeing her go and buy them," she said.

Ms Khuman said it was important to talk about the situation openly if it was causing tension in a relationship. Independently licensed financial planner Tricia Peters gave financial support to her own parents and now, looking back, thinks she took too much responsibility for their future. While a big life event like death or divorce can create the need for financial support, for some families it's a cultural expectation. It's more a traditional understanding of family and it might be that Western countries are the exception! Filial piety is a central value in Confucianism and is about deference to one's parents and other elders in the family.

It's common for family members to move overseas for work and send "offshore remittances" — money — back home to help the family survive. They paid for my university fees and all my expenses until I was 18," Valentina says. Topics: business-economics-and-finance , community-and-society , family-and-children , australia.

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