The Interrupted Journey-Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer

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May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text. Accessories such as CD, cod Likely First Edition.. Tan boards, a 2-inch closed tear on front end paper at hinge, light mottling of cover, ink dot near lower spine on front cover. Light foxing on endpapers, all other pages fine. Fuller gives a strange account of a couple who Published : Edition : Likely First Edition.

Bookseller: KingChamp Books. The most exhaustively documented case of contact with alien beings ever recorded. Bookseller: Jondal Book Search. Third Printing. Brief summary of content available upon request by e-mail.

Very Good. Bookseller: True Treasures. The Interrupted Journey John G. Fuller New York: Dial, Light edgewear, flyleaf missing, clean and unmarked.

The interrupted journey

Jacket soiled with light staining. Big news story in it's day.. My days of boredom were over. With one teacher for six grades, she was ableto move ahead at her own rate.

Fuller, John G.: The interrupted journey. Two lost hours "aboard a flying saucer"

She was so voracious inher reading that her mother used to limit her to one book a day. WhenBetty was eleven, at the height of the d e p re ssi on, her mo ther threw awayfamily tradition to work in a f a c to ry. At first, it was to b e a temporarymeasure, part-time. Butlabor union organ izers were m oving into the New Eng la n d mill towns, 8 She helped to organize, led strikes, and became a member of the unionsExecutive Board.

Betty was proud of her mother, watching her on thepicket lines, worried about the possibility of attack by hecklers or arrestby police. These were excitingscenes to young Betty, with the strikes, the elections and the celebrations. Her father, working for another uncle who owned a shoe factory, remainedstoically neutral. Bettys experience with colored people was limited. Not too many livedin New Hampshire, but at an early age she lived across the street froman interracial couple and absorbed the snide remarks of her classmatesagainst the colored wife.

Later, Bettys mother impressed her by sayingthat although some people did not like colored people, this was wrongbecause they were people just like everyone else.

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If Betty heard anyonetalking against them, she should speak up without hesitation. She did. In the late 30s, integration was a problem evenin the northern state universities. Betty would saynothing at the time, but seethed underneath. When Ann would leave, theother girls would suggest caustically that Ann should go back where shecame from, and Betty would react strongly.

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On one such occasion, as Annwas leaving the smoking room, Betty went to her, and in front of theothers, asked to see her room. It was the beginning of acceptance for Ann, but not until after a longstruggle. Eventually, Ann graduated Phi Beta Kappa, went on to Harvardand now teaches on the faculty of a southern college. Although the roots of Betty Hills marriage to Barney may lie in theattitude expressed by this incident, their problems as an interracial coupleare minimal.

Barney, at times, shows concern about rejection in publicplaces: hotels, restaurants or meetings. But in their private social life theyare popular, accepted, and almost overactive. Their initial self-conscious- 9 The shortage of immediate funds waspartially compensated for by Bettys idea of borrowing a car-refrigeratorfrom a friend.

In this way, the expense of too many meals in restaurantswould be reduced. Barney, momentarily ignoring the diet for his ulcers,drank a glass of orange juice, ate six strips of bacon and two soft-boiled eggs,as he plotted the course of the trip on a few Gulf road maps. They woulddrive leisurely, avoiding the throughways, pay a brief visit to NiagaraFalls, then circle through Montreal, and back to Portsmouth.

While Bettyshopped for food, Barney took a nap to recover from his all-night workat the Boston post office.

The interrupted journey ( edition) | Open Library

By eight oclockthat evening they were in bed with the alarm set for four the nextmorning. Barney, an inveterate early-riser, was up first, but in moments Bettyhad coffee percolating, and the last-minute packing process began. As heloaded the trunk, Barney shoved a bag of bone-meal fertilizer to oneside, and packed the luggage around it. Betty bad bought the fertilizerto work on the garden during the vacation; it was just as easy to letit stay in the trunk as to take it out.

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It was a clear, crisp New Hampshire morning as they drove off,noting the mileage on the speedometer only to lose the slip of paperlater-an ingrained habit of Barneys. They drove out Route 4, towardConcord, in a festive mood.

The Interrupted Journey Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer

Barney, who liked to please Betty, smiled back. There was no hint at all of what was about to happen later; nor couldthere be. No such event would be so thoroughly documented. The object they saw in the sky near Route 3 four nights later, southof Lancaster, New Hampshire, continued its unpredictable movementas they passed through Whitfield and the village of Twin Mountain. They stopped briefly several times, and by now Barney was franklypuzzled. His only alternate theory, aside from that of a satellite, wasthat the object was a star, a theory he immediately discounted becausethey had proved that it was in movement, changing its course in anerratic manner.

At one of the stops, a few miles north of CannonMountain, Betty had said, "Barney, if you think thats a satellite, ora star, youre being absolutely ridiculous. Probably on its way toCanada. Betty, in the passenger seat, kept it in view as they moved downRoute 3. It seemed to her that it was getting bigger and brighter, andshe kept getting more puzzled and more curious. Barney would note itthrough the windshield on occasion, but was more worried about acar coming around the now frequent curves of the road.

The road was completely deserted; they hadnt seena car or truck in either direction for miles now, which left them alonein the deep gorges late at night. Some natives of northern New Hampshireprefer never to drive through these roads at night, through long-standingcustom and superstition.

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In winter, an informal group known as theBlue Angels patrols the roads for cars frozen or broken down. It istoo easy to freeze to death in these lonely streches, and the StateTroopers cannot possibly cover the wide territory frequently enough. Barney, his concern growing in spite of his comforting theories, hopedthat he would soon see a trooper or at least another car driving by whichhe could flag and compare notes with.

Around eleven oclock they approached the enormous and sombersilhouette of Cannon Mountain, looming to the west on their right. Barney slowed the car down near a picnic turnout that commanded awide view to the west and looked again at the strange moving light. Inamazement, he noted that it swung suddenly from its northern flightpattern, turning to the west, then completing its tum and heading back 11 Barney braked the car sharply, turning off intothe picnic area.

They were standing in thepicnic area now, looking up at the light which was growing bigger still.