Making It Work: The Keys To Success For Young People Living Independently

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The range of experiences of adult life varies greatly, of course. In many families, a young adult is very dependent on family care and support. Other people on the spectrum live totally independently. Adults with autism usually want the same things that everyone does: a home, job and family.

What next?

Unfortunately, research indicates that young adults with ASD are more likely to remain living at home and less likely to live independently after finishing high school than people with other disabilities. They are also less likely to be employed or involved in tertiary education.

What are you nervous about? What are you excited about? According to Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and the author of "Insight," most people don't know how others really see them. Those who have a more accurate picture of how they're coming off tend to be more successful. Eurich recommends finding one or two "loving critics," or "people who will be honest with us while still having our best interests at heart.

Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith goes so far as to say that what other people think of you matters even more than how you see yourself. We can compare the self that we want to be with the self that we are presenting to the rest of the world. We can then begin to make the real changes that are needed to close the gap between our stated values and our actual behavior.

He's also known for making gratitude a key leadership strategy: Throughout his career at Campbell's, he sent more than 30, handwritten thank-you notes to staffers and clients. Other famous and successful people have a daily gratitude practice. For example, John Paul DeJoria takes the first five minutes of the day to "be thankful for life.

Self-compassion doesn't make you weak or unambitious. Instead, scientists say it can make you more successful. Research on self-compassion suggests that it has three components: engaging in a positive internal dialogue, understanding that everyone makes mistakes, and being aware of your thoughts and feelings without succumbing to them.

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Rugby League. If these feelings do not go away and they interfere with daily life, adults should talk with other people, such as a family member or health care professional, about their feelings. If you have questions about mental health or where to get mental health services, your doctor or a licensed mental health professional in your community may be able to answer those questions or refer you to someone who can. A nearby health facility or your state mental health agency also may be able to help.

Depression and Anxiety in Individuals with Spina Bifida external icon. To be independent, young adults need to be able to find and use transportation safely. Many young adults with spina bifida have issues that can affect safe driving. A driver rehabilitation evaluation specialist can identify whether modifications to the car would make it accessible for a young adult with spina bifida. Young adults can also learn to find and safely use buses, cabs, and ride-hailing services.

As they plan for employment, college, or vocational training, young adults will need to find and use transportation safely.

Moving out of home - tips for young people

Being safely mobile in their homes and communities will help young adults with spina bifida be more independent. Many young adults are still getting used to being independent. They may have recently started working, volunteering, going to college, or living independently. Continuing to plan for the future is very important. This includes setting goals and making a plan for how to achieve them. Sometimes the goals need to be modified, or they take longer than planned. Either way, planning now will help young adults with spina bifida continue to succeed. Parents of young adults with spina bifida may want to talk to one another.