Handbook of small animal practice (5th Ed.)

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B29 P34 L56 Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd edition by Susan L. F Lusi; Helen M. Davies Call Number: No print copy.

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Hoskins Call Number: SF Goat Medicine, 2nd edition by Mary C. Smith; David M. S63 A48 G85 D44 Walter; Anthony P. Knight Call Number: SB N7 K57 Requires IVIS login. M36 Lindsay Call Number: SF L56 -- 3 volumes. Handbook of Avian Medicine, 2nd edition by Thomas N. Tully; Gerry M. Dorrestein; Thomas N. Tully; G.

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5th Edition

Gaynor; William W. P34 G38 B57 Reference collection. H67 Human-Animal Medicine by Peter M. Rabinowitz; Lisa A. Conti Call Number: RA R33 Abutarbush Call Number: SF I45 Thomas; D. Bruce Hunter; Carter T. Atkinson Call Number: SF I54 Palmquist Call Number: SF I58 Invertebrate Medicine, 2nd edition by Gregory A. Lewbart Call Number: SF I5 L49 Joint Disease in the Horse, 2nd edition by C.

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Suckow; Fred A. Douglas; Robert H. Weichbrod Call Number: SF L3 V36 Smith; Mark Oyama; Meg M. Sleeper; Francis W. C37 M36 Costa Call Number: SF Branson; Gheorghe M. Constantinescu; Joanne Kramer; David A. Wilson Call Number: SF Manual of Equine Reproduction, 3rd edition by Steven P.

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Handbook of small animal practice (5th edition)

Camille Harris; J. W96 Manual of Sheep Diseases, 2nd edition by J. H56 Macintire; Kenneth J. Drobatz; Steven C. Haskins; William D. Saxon Call Number: SF M33 Drobatz; Matthew W.

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Beal; Rebecca S. Syring Call Number: SF Abood; Charles A. Buffington Call Number: SF N88 B84 B55 M36 Medical and Veterinary Entomology by Gary R. Rijnberk; F.